Alcohol Rehab: 3 Tips For Staying Positive During Recovery

Alcohol rehab is a great tool to help those overcome alcohol addiction. During rehab, patients are given the tools they need to maintain a healthy and sober life. Although challenging at times, rehab is very effective at helping people overcome addictions. If you have decided to enter alcohol rehab, follow these three tips to help you stay positive during treatment:  1. Stay Motivated and Inspired While in rehab, you'll likely face many mental challenges. Read More 

The Cost Of Working For A Temp Agency

Working with a temporary employment agency can be a great way to get valuable job experience, network and find a permanent job that you really love. Many jobs can start out as simple part-time assignments and turn into full-time, long-term positions, especially if the employer really likes the work you do. Some job seekers may be hesitant to seek work through a temporary staffing agency because they aren't sure if they can afford the fees. Read More